Welcome to the ITINERIS HUB

The ITINERIS HUB is the unique access point to the comprehensive collection of knowledge, data, analytics tool and services provided by the Italian Research Infrastructures (RIs) in the environmental scientific domain for the observation and study of processes in the atmosphere, marine domain, terrestrial biosphere, and geosphere.

ITINERIS Catalogue

Find the services and other relevant resources provided by the research facilities of the RIs.

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ITINERIS Access Platform

ITINERIS supports physical and remote access to the services offered by selected research facilities. Use the Access Platform to submit applications within the available access program and get support in the scope of your scientific project.

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Discover metadata through a geospatial visualization tool and get access to the datasets and digital products produced by the different RIs.

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ITINERIS Virtual Research Environment (VRE)

Make full benefit of the knowledge generated by the RIs using the flow of data, analysis and modelling tools, and/or including own data sets and methods to tackle specific issues.

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ITINERIS Training Centre

Find courses, events and training material.

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